Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump doubles down on Muslim travel ban

All responsible media outlets in the Nations of Virtue are howling with refreshed outrage over Trump's renewed ban on tourists from a small handful of Muslim majority countries. Trump's alleged rationale is that visitors from those countries might want to harm America.

And why wouldn't they? America's foreign policy fiascoes over the past half century have killed millions in those countries. What I can't understand is how Pakistan and Afghanistan avoided the list. Perhaps we'll soon see Trump Towers sprouting in Kabul and Karachi?

How is it no one in big media can imagine why someone from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya or Yemen might hold a grudge against America?

Maybe it's because those big media types never take off their red-white-and-blue "exceptional nation" blindfolds. That's also why, in the oceans of ink slopped all over the alleged refugee crisis, it's extremely rare to find a candid discussion re WHY those folks are refugees. I'll tell you why they're refugees; they are refugees because they think the USA won't be able to bomb their homes and kill their kids once they're snuggled up in Minneapolis or Dearborn... and they've been right!

Till now, anyway...

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