Tuesday, February 21, 2017

McDonalds getting out of fast food.

Me and the Farm Manager were in town the other day and decided, in kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, to check out the recently refitted Mickey Dees. Yup, it's a "McCafe" now! Instead of a counter across the front of the room where you line up, pay, and get your food in one of several lines, there is now one single cash register to order and pay. Then you wait until your order shows up in the pick-up area.

On our arrival there was no one at the order desk. Couple of guys were leaning against a wall ten feet away. They were waiting to place their orders. We leaned against the wall next to them. Turns out they worked at one of the car dealerships in the area as apprentice technicians. Fine lads, both of them! I've always wished more young folks would consider careers in the trades.

Bill was the elder of the two. He was planning to get married this summer. He and his bride had already bought a house. She works full-time at Timmies. It's so cool that a young working class couple can still realize the American Dream, at least in Owen Sound, Ontario!

Alas, we were just getting to know the younger chap when someone showed up at the order desk. Fortunately we were able to continue our conversation for another ten minutes as we awaited our food in the pick-up area.

Still the same crappy food, but man, that refit is absolutely dazzling! Kudos to the interior design team who created the new look!

On the down side, I've never had to wait twenty minutes for a Big Mac before.

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