Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump's anti-immigrant terror campaign forcing refugees to swarm Canada's borders

Nice headline, eh?

They did in fact "swarm" the Manitoba border last weekend - a grand total of 22 migrants crossed over to apply for refugee status. No doubt a lot of that is driven by media histrionics about Trump's imaginary crack-down.

After all, didn't ICE collar over 600 illegals last week alone?

Apparently they did. And if they repeat that performance every week for the next year, they'll have collared over 30,000 illegals in just the first year of the Trump anti-immigrant regime.

It's a veritable refugee holocaust!...

Except that it's not.

The all-time record for deportations was set in 2013, when over 430,000 illegals were given the heave-ho. Guess who was pres at the time? (Clue: it wasn't Mr. Trump.) I don't recall mass demos in the streets at the time, but, at the time, you didn't have mass media whipping up that mass hysteria the way they are now.

So I'm seeing a lot of media hysteria based on not very much fact.

This media concoction doesn't impact me. I'm a legal immigrant. But it does seem to be putting the fear into any number of migrant folks in the US. Check out this story at CBC for example. Iyal and Mohammed trekked across the frozen tundra and lost all their digits to frost-bite just to find sanctuary in Canada.

I would suggest that their sanctuary was every bit as secure in Minneapolis, and they could have kept their fingers, but the media hysteria prompted them to take a desperate and dangerous plunge into the unknown.

Welcome to Canada, Iyal and Mo. Sorry about your fingers, but now that you're here, let's make the best of it!

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