Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump flushing American values down toilet

Over the past few days I've read endless denunciations of the "Muslim ban" by Hollywood A-listers, innumerable think-tankers, and big-media commentators. Even some NBA stars have chimed in, because as we all know and appreciate, professional athletes have lots of spare time and they like to spend it reading up on global geopolitics.

They raise their voices as one to berate the "Putin-Trump regime" (ya, that's actually a thing now) for destroying America's two-hundred-year-plus tradition of welcoming the world's huddled masses with open arms.

As if!

Apparently a 90 day freeze on travellers from a small minority of Muslim nations is a betrayal of American values.

Where were these champions of American values when W unleashed wars of choice on Afghanistan and Iraq?

Wars that continue today. Wars that have claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim lives.

Where were they when Hillary and Obama destroyed Africa's most prosperous nation, Libya?

Where were they when Obama turned up the dial on illegal drone strikes in at least seven Muslim nations?

Compared to all that, a 90 day moratorium on immigration seems rather benign, doesn't it?

Is this really about American values, or is something else afoot here?

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