Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clotheslines and finish lines

So it's all up in the air with Uncle Murray.

Took a pass on his regularly scheduled dialysis session a week ago. Everybody was expecting things to go down fast after that.

So I've got those size 11 Harts on, and I'm pretty much sporting them all over the place, although I must admit that when we went to look in on the old boy a few days ago I slipped on my Addidas runners.

Don't want to look like I'm gloating.

So we're kind of on hold around here, because we don't want to be off on a vacation or even a trip to the wrong city at the moment Uncle Murray buys the farm, if you know what I mean.

Therefore I've been keeping busy around here.

As regular readers will know, I installed a clothesline here at Falling Downs a year ago. You'll also know there were a few flaws in the design.

Actually, I think the design was OK; the execution was somewhat flawed.

But I've been using this "spare" time to remedy the situation.

You will recall that the project stalled out once I realized that I didn't have to build a stoop to reach the clothesline, because anyone, even the diminutive farm manager, could reach the clothesline while standing on the picnic table.

Well, wouldn't you know it, all of a sudden the farm manager gets to putting on airs about having to stand on the picnic table to hang the laundry.

"Fuck off, is this hillbilly central or what?" were her exact words.

Once a woman is in that state of mind there is no point in trying to be reasonable.

So even though the picnic table was a perfectly reasonable platform from which to hang the wash, I was forced to put up a proper laundry stoop.

Which I did last weekend. Took the better part of Saturday. Four sturdy cedar posts topped off with a pressure treated 4X4 foot deck.

What a delight it was to hang the laundry while standing on something other than a picnic table!

And then the entire clothesline collapsed.

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