Saturday, June 30, 2012

When America wakes up, the world will change

Trust me. It will.

When America realizes that every drone strike on an Afghan wedding party makes 100 new jihadists, maybe they'll cut back on the drone strikes.

When America realizes that there are more people who believe in the so-called American dream in Africa than in America, maybe it will be a wake-up call.

I remember the Detroit and the Newark and the Philly of my youth.

What are they now?

Seems that Americans can only remember that they have the right to bear arms.

Hey, Yankee brothers, wake up!

You've got a lot more rights than that!

You have the right to health care.

Even when you're sick.

Imagine that!

You've got the right to decent housing and a decent education.

Imagine that!

So why not take your Winchester or your Glock or your Remington to your local Congressman's office.

Explain to him or her that you have rights.

The right to bear arms is great.

The right to have a life is just as great.


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