Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kipling and the hemp smoothie

I always had a gut feeling that it was a bad idea to have the farm manager get too chummy with Kipling.

He's an all-things-hemp freak.

So the farm manager is on a Kipling-prescribed hemp smoothie diet.

For fucks sakes!

I mean, look at Kipling. The guy is fifty pounds overweight and smokes two packs a day. How the hell do you make this guy your fitness guru?

Oh, but if it wasn't for the hemp smoothies he calls "meals", he'd be dead by now.

OK. So the farm manager has scoured the health food stores and got all those hemp products that go into a hemp smoothie.

For fucks sakes! You're supposed to smoke the stuff, not drink it for breakfast!

What's wrong with bacon and eggs?

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