Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court saves US health care industry

And you thought they saved Obamacare!

No, they saved the health care industry.

And that's what it is, an industry. An industry that has to make a profit to survive.

Obamacare makes it law to utilize that industry. It's like a law that says you have to buy a car or buy a computer.

You have to buy health insurance. You have no choice.

Apparently America is the only nation in the civilized world that doesn't have single-payer public health care. And thank God for that!

Without Obamacare America might wake up to the fact that in the modern era health care is generally considered a right, not something you buy with your discretionary income.

But Obamacare papers that over and guarantees plump profits for the health care industry in perpetuity.

After all, with single-payer, the entire business model for private health care would be irrelevant.

Folks would be treated in a hospital because they're ill and need care, and not simply because they're "covered".

America has the most expensive and least efficient health care system in the developed world.

Mind you, if you're a congressman or a senator or from the upper echelon of the officer corps, it also has the very best. Oddly enough, these folks all have  government funded health care.

Insurance companies make their profits by denying you health care, not by providing it.

The Supreme Court has just enshrined the health care industry's right to profit from your health care needs.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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