Tuesday, June 26, 2012

US General busted recycling his own media releases

I see where AFRICOM boss General Carter Ham is all over the news today sounding the alarm about “Islamist militants” in Africa joining forces to wreak havoc on the African renaissance currently being enjoyed by Libya, Tunisia, et al.

Carter’s warning bells rang a bell, as it were, and low and behold, with a little digging you’ll find it was just back in February that the good General ran the exact same story through the news cycle! (See for example the AP story of 29 Feb. US General: 3 Africa terror groups may collaborate.)

But that’s not all! General Ham was floating the same news balloon way back in September of last year! (See for example AP story of 14 Sept. 2011 General worried by terror collaboration in Africa.)

This constant recycling of the same story points to a serious weakness in AFRICOM’s  psy-ops capabilities.

How are you gonna scare anybody if you keep trotting out the same old story?

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