Monday, December 31, 2012

Modern times

Some time last month in a big city in India a bus driver drove his bus while one of his passengers was being raped by six other passengers. They also beat her and her companion with metal rods.

While the rapee has died there has been no word on what happened to the bus driver.

Just yesterday in Edmonton, a man was beaten to death on a rapid transit train. Apparently the beating was going on in front of at least a half dozen passengers, who obligingly got off the train when the driver hit the next stop.

Both the train and the beating then continued, with the driver watching the beating on his CCV monitor, and by the time the train arrived at the next stop the beater was gone and the beatee was dead.

That's life in the big city, and whether that city is in India or in Canada doesn't seem to make much difference. 

Dead is dead.

But now that it's 2013 things will be different...

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