Sunday, July 23, 2017

Does anybody audit those Blogger page-view numbers?

As of right now, when I check page views for today, I've had more from Poland than I've had from Canada.


That's never happened before. Poland might show up half a dozen times a week. Canada is my second biggest audience after the USA. When I go to check all-time page views, Poland clocks in at 1313. That's number ten on the list - over six years!

That's compared to over 90,000 from the US, and 80,000 from Canada.

What gives?

I don't even follow news from Poland. I take it their big dog has ruffled some feathers with his move to consolidate more power in the President's office. The Soros crowd will not be pleased. And the fact that Oban or Orban from next door is giving what's his name in Poland the thumbs up must grate double.

What both of these leaders have in common is that they don't seem too keen to welcome the brown-skinned refugee hoards that American foreign policy has been flooding into Europe.

What I don't get is how it becomes a matter of Polish or Hungarian "racism" that they're not welcoming these refugees from US imperialist policies, but those US imperialist policies get a free pass?

Makes no sense to me.

Shouldn't it be up to the US to accommodate all those refugees their foreign policy is creating?

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