Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canadian women give up on equality, have lip-filler house parties instead

Lip-filler house parties? Yup, apparently that's a thing. After all, what Canadian gal wouldn't want to look like one of those vacuous plump-lipped Jenner airheads?

I wouldn't have dreamed, back in the heady days of the great feminist awakening in the sixties and seventies, that it would be conceivable to read such a story in 2017.


What progress?

This is pathetic!

And here's another story that underlines how far we haven't come, about the suicide of a Spanish trophy hunter who happens to be a woman. Here's a few quotes from a very brief story in the Toronto Sun:

- the title refers to her as a "hot hunter"

- in first paragraph she is a "sexy Spanish hunter"

- para four tells us of her "smouldering looks"

- in para six she's "a rifle-wielding beauty."

Practically every other paragraph (and in the Sun the paragraphs are really just sentences) contains a gratuitous reference to the hunter's appearance.

I wouldn't have thought I'd be seeing "journalism" like that in 2017 either.

Doubly pathetic.

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