Friday, July 21, 2017

How to save Canada Post

Have you noticed that our hippy-dippy lovey-dovey PM Justin "Sunny Daze" Trudeau, who was elected on a promise of legalizing the weed 'o wisdom, has not yet, a year and a half into his mandate, done any such thing?

In fact, just the other day, I read that some of the provincial top-knobs were lobbying for an extension on the 2018 Canada Day deadline, so they could study the matter some more.

How pathetically Canadian, eh? We don't do much, but we are number one when it comes to studying the self-evident to death.

One of the issues troubling the Preems is who is gonna sell the stuff?

I pondered that for a moment and had a sudden brain wave...


This has all the makings of a two-fer. Remember a couple of years ago when their twat of a CEO claimed they were ending door-to-door delivery because, in his words, he was besieged by calls from seniors needing an excuse to get out for a little exercise?

Ya, we all knew that was bullshit, but I think here's a chance to breathe new life into the moribund Canada Post. Giving them distribution rights should of course be contingent on restoring door to door delivery clear across the land. Hell, with all that new revenue, they should even be able to see their way clear to giving the posties a decent raise!

And while we're at it, lets bring basic banking services to the post office too. That would cut out the despicable greedbags who profit from running those cheque-cashing joints that are geared to further immiserating poor folks.

By golly, I think we got us a three-fer!

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  1. Hey Neumann! Not much in The G&M today to get excited about, but there were two items that stood out: Michael Slattery's "Letter To The Editor and Cathal Kelly's column on Michael Phelps. The first was a short but artful evisceration of Scheer and company's latest con; the second will likely make you smile. Enjoy the weekend!