Tuesday, July 4, 2017

After 241 years, Uncle Sam still has head up arse

Figured I'd go to the patriotic network and see if I can glean what's on the minds of patriotic Americans this Independence Day. I wasn't disappointed. Fox News producer Steve Kurtz has a few timely thoughts. Along with the predictable clap-trap about the constitution and freedom of speech, and how American militarism has made the world a safer place etc., I found this gem:


Life is hard enough, so it's nice to know there's a place to go at 3 am, even if it's just for cigarettes and lottery tickets.

How true! Yup, nowhere else in history has anyone had the freedom to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets at 3 am! Shows yet again how much we take for granted, doesn't it!

Steve, you are truly a living testimonial to America's education system.

Elsewhere at Fox, Dr. Heather Wilson and General David Goldfein give themselves a shout-out for the great work the USAF has been doing in the Middle East.

Linger over that last paragraph. The US has been "in continuous combat for 26 years..."

Doing what?

"Providing stability..."

Hey, maybe after another 26 years of continuous combat the folks in Baghdad and Damascus will enjoy the freedom to step out for cigarettes and lottery tickets at 3 am!

God bless America!

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