Thursday, July 13, 2017

Legacy moments in the history of rock and roll...

Here's where the late great John Bonham earned his slot in the firmament of rock and roll idols.

I've heard more convincing drum solos in my basement.

Proves yet again it's not how you hit the skins... it's all about your PR team.


  1. Hey Neumann! Saw The Zep three times from 1971-73 in Vancouver. In '71, jumped the stage with my usual suspects of East End wharf rats (stage was all of 4 feet, no security, only roadies),proceeded to surround Page and Plant, who immediately surrounded by said waif-like roadies. And the band played on. Meant no harm, and after about 2 minutes of ridiculous fist air pumping, (recognizing how some of looked, but not all), jumped again unceremoniously off of the stage. And no, we were not accosted, let alone apprehended; wearing mackinaws (East End tuxedos) did have its bullet-proof attributes, at least then. Bonham's drum solo, as all subsequent drum solos, both before and after, did indeed suck.

  2. Thanks Ken!

    The only big time rock band I ever saw three times was Rush, and I think all three times was in Guelph.

    I saw Alex ever so slightly tilt his head to avoid a empty whiskey bottle coming his way.

    In Victoria I saw the Knack stop a show because somebody threw a bottle at the stage.

    What a bunch of pussies!

    Thank for the memories!