Monday, July 31, 2017

Quaternary glaciation and why I'm not sweating global warming

Here's a scholarly article that claims that the real estate I'm sitting on right now has been subject to multiple ice ages over the past million and a half years or so.

Before the glaciers of the last ice age receded, Falling Downs was stuck under two kilometers of ice. Obviously, it took a lot of global warming to melt all that ice, and that was long before us humans started using fossil fuels.

Sometimes I think all the hoo-ha about "global warming" is just a bunch of hucksters trying to sell me everything from new taxes to electric cars.

So the seas will rise and coastal areas will be underwater? Guess folks will have to move. The seas have been rising and falling for millennia. And humankind and our various ancestors have been moving out of the way just as long.

Nothing new there.

What's new is that our brightest minds have figured out how to financialize these historic ebbs and flows in the planetary ecosystem.

That's bound to be a dead end.

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