Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Manny "The Redeemer" Macron sheds white man's burden

And not a moment too soon!

The wunderkind of the neoliberal world order set the record straight on the challenges facing Africa at the weekend while in Hamburg for the G20 shindig.

Apparently the plight of many African nations today, poverty, instability, a ruling class made up largely of thugs and looters, has nothing to do with hundreds of years of rapacious colonialism.


Not at all. Africa's problems are "civilizational."


Africa's problems are due to the women of Africa's inexplicable prolificacy in popping out new Africans! That's it! Apparently all it would take to bring peace and prosperity to Africa and bring it into the modern era would be to have African women keep their legs shut.

You must admit it's quite an accomplishment to insult 1.2 billion Africans in one brief media interview!

Attaboy Manny!

You're showing the world what you're made of!

Emmanuel Macron is a colonial era reactionary shitbag whose ideas are as fresh as 1925, and quite possibly an imbecile to boot.

Good luck, France!

And God help Africa.

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