Saturday, December 23, 2017

Favourite Room; home for the holidays

My Globe and Mail ($6.30 from the Korean extortionist in Wiarton) had an obsequious tribute to one Eleanor McCain today in what is now the "Pursuits" section of the paper.

That used to be called the Globe Style section of the paper, but we're over that now.

Apparently Eleanor is a Canadian singer who is busy as can be shlepping her "Canadian Songbook" tour across the land.


Anyway, at no point in the wee story about her very fine living room in Lawrence Park are we tipped to the fact that our Canadian Songbook singer is this Eleanor McCain.

Yup. Daddy was the billionaire Wallace McCain. That would explain why her Canadian Songbook has perhaps not quite resonated with the music buying public the way dear Rod's American Songbook has.

Or Gord Downie's completely home-made Canadian Songbook.

Fame is not quite the same when your billionaire father's money is paying for it.

But she does have a lovely living room.

So do I.


You can barely see it in the picture, but that's a Napoleon gas fireplace that draws in the hounds. You too can have one for about eight grand (installed) from your local gas fireplace vendor.

The hounds themselves are lovely living room accoutrements, and while you can't have these girls, you can readily find equally lovable dogs at your local shelter. By the way, that's Uncle Henry's carpet runner they're relaxing on. You can't have that either.

That's my favourite room.

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