Monday, December 25, 2017

So merry stinkin' X-mas already...

I got my dear daughter a Fitbit because she wished for one, and so far as possible I try to make her wishes come true. And, so far as possible, I will until I die.

She generally gives me a book or two. She's a reader. Used to be part of a girls' book club full of doctors and lawyers and university professors, most of whom would take umbrage, at least publicly, with being referred to as "girls."

Mostly I read them but sometimes I don't.

Sometimes I ask for a particular book but mostly I don't. A couple of years ago she got me the Piketty tome because I'd asked for it. I've yet to get past the introduction. I know it's an important book, but holy shit, how do you manage to make an important book that boring?

I have better luck when she surprises me with random stuff. I don't generally read much fiction, but this year I got "A man called Ove." That's turned out to be quite a page-turner.

Junior got me some craft beer and craft Kentucky bourbon. I got him a bag of weed.

We understand each other.

The Jewish Juniors got Hanukkah geld, and I'm not talking about the chocolate stuff. That's only because they don't smoke pot.

But most of all, we got a new puppy!

Happy holidays to everyone, whether you call this most ancient winter solstice celebration "Christmas" or "Hanukka" or whatever you call it, and a special shout-out to Ken out in BC who once shared the stage with Led Zeppelin and lived to tell the tale.

Merry Christmas!

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