Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sunny Daze slapped silly in China

Apparently PM Sunny Daze Trudeau is coming home from China without that vaunted free trade agreement in his back pocket.

According to our major media, this is a major failing.

They are aghast that he doesn't even have a timetable about when those "free trade" talks might start. We are supposed to think this is a big deal.

It ain't.

Trade between China and Canada seems pretty healthy, even without a "free trade" agreement.

They're not foregrounding this in your corporate press, but my hunch is Sunny Daze lost the room when he got onto the ancillary stuff. Ya, we'll have free trade only after you agree to write gay rights and women's rights and workers' rights into the deal.

Which was the moment when the leader of the PRC, population 1.2 billion, gave Sunny Daze, leader of a former Brit colony with a population a tiny fraction of that, a slap heard round the colonies.

That slap said "see you later, come back when you want to talk about trade. In the meantime stick your snotty "progressive agenda" where the sun don't shine"

I don't get it. They send us all the inventory for our dollar stores. We send them jobs and coal.

Looks to me like a "no-trade" deal with China might be a better idea than a "free trade" deal.

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