Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The magical disappearing Globe and Mail

It's disappeared from the Maritimes altogether.

That's not a good thing when you're the "national newspaper of record."

Here it's not disappeared yet, but by God it's getting vanishingly thin.

I now get, after a few days of hindsight, why the G & M brain trust decided to drop the "new look" on a Saturday; because the Saturday Globe is always a little thicker, and while the Saturday edition retained its usual heft, relatively speaking, it wasn't till Monday that we found out what the new look was gonna look like during the week.

It's looking a lot thinner is what it looks like.

Yup, your everyday Globe and Mail is down to two sections. The Business Section has been amalgamated with the Sports Section, and everything else has joined the front part. Indeed!

I picked up a two-section Globe at a variety store in Owen Sound today for $3.70. It was $3.60 last week, at three or four sections.

Ten cents more for less Globe and Mail?

And not only is the paper thinner, there's been a trend to filling it with more syndicated stuff from the likes of David Shribman and Sarah Kendzior. Whatever the merits of these American writers, I don't shell out top dollar for Canada's newspaper of record to read syndicated foreigners.

But I guess it's trying times in the biz.

Maybe they should try giving us more Canadian news and more Canadian writers.

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