Friday, December 15, 2017

Six issues that a third party would need to focus on to succeed in American electoral politics

Health care. The time for mealy-mouthed excuses is over. America needs single-payer universal health care now.

Tax reform. Back when America was a happening place, the marginal tax rate was 90%. At that rate, America prospered. 

Election finance reform. No, corporations are NOT people. 

An America First foreign policy. Sending working class kids to die in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't serve America's interests. It is a well known fact that the "war on terror" just creates more terrorists. Stop with that already.

A housing policy that ends homelessness. How does a nation that squanders trillions on completely fabricated wars justify hundreds of thousands of her citizens living in the streets? 

Give working Americans a living minimum wage. In the wealthiest country on the planet, every person who bothers to go to work every day deserves a dignified standard of living. 

There you go. That's a bare minimum. If you had a third party espousing those causes, you'd see a third party sweep at every level of America's vaunted "democracy."

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