Thursday, December 28, 2017

Is "Gateway" an appropriate name for a retirement home?

The other day I found myself behind a hearse and a black Dodge van. They weren't in any hurry. They turned off at the Gateway Retirement Community.

I guess some bitter old sod bequeathed his loved ones one last Christmas present; he kicked the bucket on Christmas eve.

Gateway to what, I always wonder.

There's one in Lion's Head called Golden Dawn.

As in, there's gonna be a golden dawn when you cross over.

Ya right.

There's a place in Owen Sound called "Seasons."

If you're at all considering a move there you already know what season you're in. They're just calling it Seasons to rub it in.

We tried to interest The Bubbinator in considering it. She says, when I look out this window I see the hospital. When I look out the other window I see the hospice. I don't think I want to live here.

So she's in a place downtown where she can see the roof of the funeral home. Not sure how that's an improvement.

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