Saturday, January 20, 2018

#metoo and Mick Jagger

I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop... a call-out of Sir Mick by the #metoo crowd.

Mick is of course one of our cultural icons over the past fifty years or so...

Mick does some cool shit with his band every now and then. He is also a very famous libertine. Is it even conceivable that all of Sir Mick's sexual encounters were fully consensual?

And what does that even mean?

I know for a fact that there's not a bevy of nubile young women waiting outside my door to treat me to a leg-spread. Believe me, I check the porch once in awhile.



But I'm not Mick.

We've seen a few Hollywood bigs brought low by this wave of neo-puritanism.

Our rock and roll icons will be next.

After all, what did "consent" mean in 1964?

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