Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sarah Kendzior: She Wolf of the Resistance

Google "Kendzior NYT" and you'll find a link to a Kendzior tweet that beseeches the reader to cancel their subscription to the New York Times.

Why? Apparently the paper has become an open sewer of white supremacist doggerel, overflowing with Nazi propaganda and pro-Trump PR.

Who knew?!... I guess we all owe her a debt of gratitude for pointing this out to us! As an alternative to the Times, she suggests we read the Washington Post instead. Presumably you'll find less pro-Trump PR there.

Not that I'd ever noticed any in the NYT. In fact, I've found their A-list op-ed prognosticators to be reliably anti-Trump.

Has Kendzior come unglued?

Maybe, but my hunch is there's something else behind such egregious foolishness. It's really tough making a go of it financially as an independent journalist. Every click counts, and there's a shit-load of competition out there. To scale up your brand you either have to come up with some genuine insights and noteworthy scoops, or fade into the background.

Kendzior's work is devoid of scoops and thin on insights, so she relies instead on cranking up the hysteria dial. Labelling the NYT a "white supremacist paper" pretty much puts that dial at eleven. Hard to know where she's gonna go from here!

Guess I'll have to follow her to find out...  oh my gosh - I've fallen into her trap!

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