Sunday, April 1, 2018

A shout-out to Hoonan the Iranian

One reason I've long suspected that the myth of the oppressed Iranian people is a myth is because my dear step-daughter keeps me abreast of the adventures of Hoonan, who runs a fleet of food trucks in Toronto.

Hoonan is totally free to visit back and forth to Iran. His Iranian family are totally free to visit him in Canada. Family money moves back and forth without impediment, sanctions or no sanctions.

Hanna earned an honours Soc degree at York. She has since learned, in the University of Common Sense she now attends, that the York degree is not something that renders her employable. It is not entirely useless, however; she just got accepted into a program at Waterloo that will have her holding an MSW within two years. That's actually something that you can earn a decent paycheque with.

In the meanwhile, she still pulls the occasional shift in Hoonan's food trucks, and yesterday, since we were on the topic of higher ed anyway, what with a gaggle of Juniors at the table who have graduated from or are enrolled in some of our most prestigious post-secondary institutions, talk eventually turned to Hoonan's adventures at university in Iran.

Yes, apparently Hoonan is a university graduate. In fact, he graduated with top honours!

"Yes, I buy answer key to final exams for one hundred dollars... I sell it again and again for a thousand... get top honours and make money too!"

Attaboy, Hoonan!

Hoonan and his wife just welcomed their first child into this world. Congratulations, Hoonan!

We love you!

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