Thursday, April 5, 2018

Apologies to the rodent

About six weeks ago I labelled Wiarton Willie a liar on account of his claim there'd be six more weeks of winter.

Seems I jumped the gun a little. Here's what things look like today, April 5th.

Those are Falling Downs meadows clear to the horizon, all under a foot of snow, on 5th April!

So Willie wasn't lying; he just forgot to mention that those six more weeks were coming in March and April.

Sorry dude! I certainly owe you an apology...

Mind you, that false spring ruffled some feathers amongst the sandhill cranes and the geese and the mourning doves, at least until they froze to death.

And the spandex crowd has been scarce on the ground too.

I think we'll all be paying you a little more attention next year, Willie.

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