Sunday, April 29, 2018

Let's award this deserving eight year old the Nobel Peace Prize

A "rising star" at the Asian Awards don't mean shit compared to a Nobel Prize.

Ask Obama.

After all, the "Asian Awards" is the creation of a couple of brown folks from the colonies who have prospered by not shirking the yoke of the oppressor. In fact, their connivance with the colonisers took them all the way to the House of Lords!

Last time I saw little Bana she was snuggled up in Erdogan's arms. Amazing how short the trip from Erdogan to Hollywood can be, isn't it? That eight year old obviously has a top-shelf management team.

So lets get on with it, shall we? I mean the neophyte president got a Nobel Peace Prize before he'd even done anything, but he had a top-drawer management team too.

Malala became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient for surviving a Taliban bullet, again because she had proper management. Hey, those Talibans spray a lot of bullets around; you can't just go around presenting every Taliban bullet survivor a Nobel Peace Prize.

It comes down to savvy management.

It's been an up and down week here at Falling Downs. On Wednesday I saw the first squished frog on the roadway when I took the hounds for their morning walk. That's normally a sure sign of spring.

Then on Thursday, everything turned white again.

On Friday, Werner died.

I've spent the two days since trying to make sense of it all... but at least most of the white has melted away.

Maybe next week will be better.

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