Friday, April 20, 2018

Doug Ford serves up a scoop of Trump Lite

In no way do I intend to lend credence to the Liberal Party's claim that PC candidate Ford's campaign is riffing off the Trump agenda.

That promise to reduce corporate tax to a rate of 10.5%?

Hey, that's just us playing our best card in the race to the bottom.

That's where we're heading anyway. We'll just arrive there sooner under a Ford government.

It's got nothing to do with Trump's tax reductions...

And today the Ford campaign announced that they are ixnay on those "safe injection sites."

You'd think that with the exquisitely well-documented travails of his bro and other family members in the annals of addiction, Doug would be a little more empathetic.

No such luck.

Back when I spent eight or more hours a day on the shop floor in a wide variety of steel-fab shops, the newspaper of choice among the lads was always the Toronto Sun.

Not only do you get the "news," you get the Sunshine girl and her boobies.

These are the folks who will be falling all over themselves to vote Ford in the next election.

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