Thursday, April 14, 2016

Here comes another wave of starving African baby pictures

Ethiopia is having yet another one of its drought crises. Yup, give money to this or that charity to support Ethiopia, and if you don't... well good luck sleeping at night because THOSE DEAD BABIES ARE ON YOUR CONSCIENCE!!!

Yes, Ethiopia needs tens of millions in food aid. Did you know that Ethiopia sold 500 millions in cut flowers to the world last year? Did you know that agricultural products are 80% of Ethiopia's exports to the world?

So how is it possible that a country that can export billions in ag products can't feed itself?

That's one of the miracles of globalization. Ethiopia has to export its agricultural products to earn hard cash. Those dollar a day folks doing subsistence farming in the hinterlands don't bring in hard cash! They may well feed their families, but they don't plump up the GDP stats with that subsistence farming bullshit. Ergo, force them off their land and let the international do-gooder community feed 'em!

Then Ethiopia can deploy modern farming methods and the latest GMO miracle crops to vastly increase crop yields for the export market on the land those subsistence farmers used to feed their families.

And why does Ethiopia need that hard cash? To import important stuff from the civilized world... like fighter jets and tanks and petrol and stuff like food, oddly enough... all those important commodities that Africans aren't capable of providing for themselves.

Luckily for the Ethiopians, America has a plan that will solve this food crisis in their country. I have in my hands the "Feed the Future Country Fact Sheet, The US Government's Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative," and boy do they have some great plans in store for those hapless Ethiopians!

Yup, all through these six pages of happy talk the reader is reminded again and again how modern farming methods will take Ethiopia's food exports to a whole new level! They've even managed to convince Dupont Pioneer to participate as a partner in bringing these modern methods to the dumbfucks in Ethiopia!

What great news! Nothing but blue skies ahead for the starving babies of Ethiopia!

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