Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Toronto Mayor John Tory bends over for Uber

But it's not His Worship who's gonna be taking it dry... it's the city's thousands of mostly immigrant cab drivers.

Latest news is that Tory is weaseling out of his responsibilities by sending his capitulation to Uber before city council.

The entire fake drama about "oh my goodness - we don't know how to deal with this new technology" is a pile of bullshit. Tory and his minions always knew how to deal with the alleged "new technology." The law is quite unambiguous; if you're delivering people from point A to point B for money, you need a taxi license.


"New technology" has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

If you are delivering people from point A to point B for money without the required taxi licence, your vehicle should be confiscated and you should go to jail.

These Uber drivers are breaking the law, and they get away with it because nobody at city hall has the balls to do anything about it.

After all, Uber is popular!

The same sordid deal is going down in Ottawa at this very moment. Once again, the folks charged with enforcing the laws are coming up short.

Suddenly law-breaking behaviour is acceptable because it's a "disruptive technology" and lots of people like it. And law-abiding hard working people who have played by the rules are hung out to dry.

How is this possible?

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