Saturday, April 2, 2016

Islamic terrorist nuclear threat

Even casual consumers of mass media news product would have noticed some iteration of the above headline in their news over the past few days. That's because Obama was hosting a "Nuclear Summit" this week at which a gaggle of world leaders spent an undue amount of time wringing their hands over the prospects of Islamic State baddies getting their hands on crude "dirty bombs" or the material to build them. Among the handwringers at the table were the leaders of nuclear powers India, China, France, Britain, and of course the host nation.

Speaking of which, the host nation has embarked, under the leadership of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, on a trillion dollar update of America's nuclear arsenal. This should be more than a little disturbing. Given the sideways tilt that the ship of American democracy has taken recently, it is not inconceivable that America's nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of a rogue nuclear arsehole in the foreseeable future.

But I digress. According to the headlines, what we should really be worried about is the Towelheads 'o Terror getting their mitts on some spent fuel rods from one of planet earth's many nuclear power stations and unleashing a dirty bomb in London or Paris or Washington.

Is such a thing a possibility? Of course it is, at some vague level of "possibility." What isn't? The possibilities are literally endless...

Should such a possibility be accorded front page news status?


This is just the usual fear mongers peddling their latest dose of booga-booga, the better to stampede the public into going along with more intrusive surveillance of everybody all the time and more military spending.

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