Saturday, April 9, 2016

Depression is bullshit

So you're feeling sad?

Great! Sign up for one of those anti-depressants that the pharma-industrial-complex has designed just for you! Just ignore those disclaimers at the end of the commercial where they warn you about the side effects.

You know.. all that shit about feeling suicidal and wanting to harm others and all that stuff.

True fact; nine out of ten mass murderers are on prescription meds when they do their mass murders!

Before they went on their meds, they were just sad. After they went on their meds, they became psychopathic killers.

Now, if you've noticed, the media generally treat these tragedies as preventable. Billy-Bob would not have shot down those twelve people had it not been for lax gun laws. Therefore, we can prevent future tragedies by tightening up gun laws.

And I have to say there is some merit to this theory. I know for sure that a couple of my ex-wives might have gone headline worthy had they been able to procure a weapon. Thankfully, I live in Canada, where buying a gun to blow away your spouse requires months of testing and exam passing. Usually the heat of rage passes well before you're done the course.

But ex-wives aside, there seems to be a big hole in this "lax gun laws" theory.

Why is it that so many of these mass shooters happen to be on the very medications that we see featured on TV commercials every day, where we're warned that one of the side effects might be some primal urge to hurt others?

And then, when somebody on that medication goes nutso, we blame the tool, and not the medication?

Could it be possible that the pharma lobby has even more schlep than the gun lobby?

Here's my advice... not that you asked; life sucks. You're gonna feel sad a lot of the time. Get over yourself. All that sadness makes the bright spots that much brighter!

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