Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tense times in the Holy Land

It's been a torrid few days in the Holy Land. Joe Biden came out with the most explicit denunciation of Israel's policy of land theft that's ever come from a senior American official. Makes you shake your head in quiet contempt, does it not; if the Americans' were at all serious about putting the brakes on Israel's egregious land theft and colonizing they'd simply stop with the blank checks already.

Meanwhile, Bibi was busy announcing that Syria's Golan was now sovereign Israeli territory. Much as it hurts to say we told you so, this ain't news.

We told you so at least twice.

So here we are today, with thousands of Israelis in the streets protesting the prosecution of an IDF hero who flat out committed a war crime captured on video.

What has Israel become?... and where is it going?

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