Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Koch Bros. prove yet again that just because you inherit great wealth doesn't mean you're smart

These must be trying times for Dave and Charlie.

It was not even a year and a half ago that the Koch boys proudly announced that they had set aside almost a billion USD to determine the outcome of the 2016 election. Check it out here at the New York Times.

How is that going for them?

Well, thanks to a loud-mouth NYC condo promoter, not that great.

Seems a lot of regular folks took umbrage with the idea that a couple of rich boys would brag about the fact that they intend to buy America's next election. That single story in the NYT probably did more to kick-start the campaigns of both Bernie and Donald than it did for any candidate associated with the Kochs.

Contrary to what Mittens told the public in the last campaign, corporations are NOT people too, and an overwhelming majority of ordinary people in America are disgusted with the thought that the political class is so out of touch that they can go around making such idiotic statements.

Or announcing that they've got a spare billion lying around to buy the next election.

So the Koch bros have been looking on in horror as the Manhattan Motormouth steamrollers over their bumboys. Within the past few days you've seen the erratic desperation from their team.

Cruz and Kasich combining forces to stop Trump?

We saw last night how that brain-wave worked out.

But not to worry. Ted Cruz just pulled the ultimate Hail Mary out of his ass; announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate! After he pretty much lost even the longest of long shot chances at the GOP nomination!

Hey Dave and Charlie, listen up! I know you've got a well-paid army of "political consultants" designing strategy for you, but isn't it time to admit they're a bunch of retards and show them the door? I mean announcing Carly as a "running mate" at this point in the game is ludicrous. What are they running for? The Canadian border?

Anyway, the think tank here at Falling Downs can give you way better advice than what you been getting, and I'm willing to bet we'll save you a bundle too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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