Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Is there hope for Germany?

A couple of years ago it was easy to find stories about Israelis emigrating to Germany.

Lately, not so much. Instead, global media have been inundated with stories about the Islamic hordes walking and swimming and boating and floating to that inestimable bastion of European values.

But here's a spot of good news at last; more and more of those Islamic refugees are heading home.

As in going back to where they came from.

And who can blame them.

Every time a suicide bomber explodes in Europe, who gets blamed?

The Islamic immigrants.

Every time a gang of jihadists shoots up a nightclub or a supermarket, who gets blamed?

The Islamic immigrants.

So who can blame them for packing their bags?

And look on the bright side, you folks returning to your bombed-out countries; sooner or later the levers of power here in the Nations of Virtue will find themselves in the hands of agnostics who don't consider bombing Muslim nations an existential imperative.

Hell, once that happens, your homelands could become habitable again!

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