Friday, June 29, 2018

In defense of Viktor Orban

Orban is one of those European leaders regularly trotted out as an example of the racist "populist" wave threatening Europe.


Because he has closed Hungary's borders to the never-ending wave of migrants coming from Syria and Iraq.

Let's step back a bit and size up the big picture.

Why is there a never-ending wave of migrants walking to Europe from Syria and Iraq?

Do you think it might be because American foreign policy has rendered Syria and Iraq uninhabitable?

While it's true that Hungary offered some token support to America's wars on those countries, it is beyond obvious that this was never a Hungarian initiative.

So why should Hungary bear the cost of feeding and housing the refugees who are fleeing American foreign policy in the Middle East?

Alas, questions such as this are never asked in your "mainstream media."

It's enough just to know that Orban is a repugnant racist.

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