Friday, June 8, 2018

The Bubbinator does eighty-eight

I'm not talking miles per hour, although the Bubbinator did at least that on her forays into Toronto till we convinced her to give up her car not too long ago. I mean, she'd park, and she'd be four feet off the curb, and you'd say "good job" just because it wasn't six feet off the curb.

No, I'm talking about her birthday, number eighty-eight to be precise.

Bubby was one of those drivers who, when you're driving behind, it looks like there's no driver. Well of course it looks like that! She's eighty-whatever, and she wasn't that large to begin with and has been shrinking for decades - she could barely look over the window sill of her Camry!

Now she just gets other people to drive her. People like me.

But that's cool!

I'll be more than happy to drive you anywhere you need to go!

Happy Birthday!

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