Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pot-addled hillbilly beats mainstream media to NFL demise by years

Mark Kingswell had an op-ed in my Globe this morning about the demise of the NFL.

I couldn't agree more.

Obviously, the pot-addled hillbilly here at Falling Downs was all over this insight well before Kingswell, one of the top intellectual prognosticators in all the land.

In other insights from the Globe and Mail's op-ed page, I've got The Plagiarist bemoaning the barbarian storming the gates in Ontario's election, and Doug Saunders bemoaning the implosion of the democratic world at the G7 shindig in Quebec.

Here's what the pot-addled hillbilly prognosticator thinks, and you'd be well advised to pay attention, because I generally beat the mainstream experts to the nitty-gritty by a generous margin.

The NFL, the G7, and business-as-usual politics in Ontario are all well beyond their best-before dates.

Change is long over-due.

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  1. Well, certainly correct about the National Football Thugs League. And the G7 & G20 are useless gatherings whose sole purpose is to provide a stages foe selfie queens to preen before the sycophantic media All of their "decisions" have been arrived at weeks before. But Doug Ford?