Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let's face it; billionaires just have too much money

Where I come from, a millionaire is somebody who is rich. I know that verity has been degraded by the fact that anybody who owns a house they bought in Vancouver or Toronto thirty years ago is now a millionaire.

Nevertheless, there's a case to be made against billionaires.

A billionaire is a millionaire who made a million a thousand times over.

The SCOTUS sanctified the political power of billionaires a few years back with the infamous "Citizens United" decision.

Yup, corporations are people too. You'll recall that created a bit of a flap when Mittens made that claim in the 2012 election campaign.

In reality, corporations are not in fact "people."

In reality, having billionaires and their shadow corporations fund super-PACs is not an exercise in democracy.

No, it's quite the opposite of that... it's the super-rich buying democracy.

That's a state of affairs that's working out quite well for the billionaires.

Just look around you.

But how is this state of affairs working out for you?

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