Thursday, June 28, 2018

Why a 1988 thirty foot SeaRay is worth less than nothing

Because more than likely it's got gasoline twins.

It's summertime, and I'm boat-shopping again.

Got my eye on a twenty-five foot Doral, circa '92 or so, with a single 7.4 Merc.

She's a beauty. Original owner since '92. That in itself is a wonder...

But I gotta wonder about the resale value.

Truth be told, there isn't any.

There's absolutely nobody out there looking to buy a V8 powered inboard these days.

And it's not a mystery why...

At WOT this Doral with a single 7.4 Merc sucks up 28 gallons per hour. That translates into about six bucks per minute at full throttle.

On the other hand, she's only got 400 hours on her, since '92.

Maybe, just maybe...

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