Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ahmadinejad shocks world with conciliatory speech at UN

No wiping Israel from the map.

Not a mention of the Great Satan.

Looks like Ahmadinejad wants to go out of his political career like a lamb and not a lion.

With the exception of the Canadian delegation, none of the Nations of Virtue left the room during the speech.

The Canadians have of course been floundering on the shoals of their own incompetence with their various forays into the diplomatic arena of late.

Letting Italy take care of the Canada desk in Iran.

Renting rooms in various UK diplomatic missions instead of fielding their own.

Diplomacy is of course a serious business, and it has been amply evident since the ascent of John Baird to head  Foreign Affairs that the Canadians have abandoned the field.

Baird is scheduled to address the General Assembly on Friday, after all the serious players have gone home.

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