Saturday, September 29, 2012

The other William J. Perry award

Whilst scouting around for info on the award that the Hon. Peter Mackay snagged this week, I stumbled upon yet another award named after the very same former Secretary of Defense and consummate Military Industrial Complex insider, Dr. William J. Perry.

This other award is handed out by the "Precision Strike Association." That's a lobby group and trade association for the folks who build stuff that blows up other people.

In 2007 the "small diameter bomb team" took the prize. That's a joint effort between the US Air Force and the Boeing Company.

The next year the "multiple rocket launch team" triumphed. That was a collaboration between the US Army and the Lockheed Company.

I actually like the sound of this; strikes me as the real McCoy. Their website is full of references to the "kill chain" and such. Not only that, but for a mere forty bucks I can actually become a member of the Precision Strike Association.

I'm in!

I can't imagine a wanker like Peter MacKay getting that William Perry Award.

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