Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In the war between Pam Geller and civilized men, we're with the civilized men

That's quite a clever turn we see on those billboards Ms. Geller's crew has forced various transit services to run.

The Palestinian struggle for justice has just been tossed into the Jihad bin, and the Likudniks are home free; just combating the Jihadist terror of the Palestinians.

And you'll notice they're no longer Palestinians.

They are now just plain and simple jihadi "savages."

Alas, perhaps too clever and too late.

As the years go by and illegal Israeli settlements continue to grow and prosper in the West Bank, fewer and fewer fair-minded people are taken in by the charade of a "peace process."

It is by now abundantly clear to even the most sympathetic observer that the fundamental problem in the peace process is that Netanyahu by far prefers the status quo to peace.

And now we must support him because he is after all staring down a "Jihad"... against savages, no less!

I can't imagine this nonsense is going to fool anyone.

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