Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook: here today, gone tomorrow

Ya, I have to admit I envy Mark Zuckerberg.

From Harvard wanker to CEO of one of the most valuable corporations on the planet in under ten years?

Darn right I envy Mark Zuckerberg.

He has tasted success beyond my wildest dreams. Beyond his too, I'm sure.

And sooner or later he's gonna taste the downside of success.

It's called failure.

Facebook is an aberration. During the last high-tech bubble there were on-line pet stores valued in the billions of dollars. How does an on-line meeting place have a brighter future than an on-line pet shop?

Well, it does and it doesn't.

It does because for the time being people still use Facebook.

It doesn't because people will switch to the next new thing as quick as they went to Facebook.

Then Facebook will be just another on-line pet shop.

Go short, my friends.

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