Monday, November 9, 2015

Calling Sister Midnight again...

Hello? Anybody home?..

Just spent an half hour listening to an old Iggy concert from 1986.

Half an hour was enough.

One thing I gotta say for this modern technology is that it woulda way fucked me up in my youth.

What? You can just go on the computer and check out any concert ever? Like Iggy in '86? Or the Rolling Stones in '64? Or '69? Or last summer?

Or Led Zep in that blistering summer of '69?


Thank God we couldn't do that then!

That woulda completely fucked up my hitch-hiking trip to New York City.

Yup, I was heading to New York City. Well, sort of... I was really heading to Max's Kansas City, because by my juvenile evaluation of the matter, that's where the action was.

And when you're 19 years old, you're looking for the action.

So I was hitch-hiking to New York City!

In those pre-google-map days I figured that was about 500 miles from my house.

It was winter.

It was cold.

I hate to admit it, but by the time I got to College and Hanlon, which took about three hours, and I was still 497 miles from New York City, my ardour had begun to abate.

Which is another way of saying my NYC boner was going soft.

I knew some folks just a couple of blocks up College Ave.

And it was really cold...

Yup, I aborted my run for fame 497 miles from Max's Kansas City.

Walked over to my friend's place a couple blocks west on College Ave.

Waved goodbye to my dreams forever...

But!... had I done that trip in August instead of January... who knows what mighta transpired?...

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