Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Charbonneau Commission piddles away 45 millions to discover Hells Angels and Mafia control construction industry


It's certainly good to see that the think tank here at Falling Downs isn't the only site sceptical about the Charbonneau Commission.

Frankly, we lost all faith in the Commission when they pulled that Donnie Brasco stunt. Yup, here's this government inquiry into corruption in the Quebec construction industry, and they pay to fly in this guy who wrote a memoir about his time in the New York City Mafia?

Thirty years ago???

That's when we knew the Charbonneau Commission was guilty of what they were accusing everybody else of; sucking too hard on the government teat.

But yes, they did manage to stretch things out for four long and lucrative years, and they did manage to shine the spotlight on those mostly irrelevant corners of "corruption" wherein some bikers and some Italian guys might have made a bit of pocket change.

Those are the folks who made it into the headlines now that the final report has been released.

The SNC Lavalin guys and Arthur Porter, both vetted at the highest levels in the PMO, who scammed the system beyond the wildest and greediest dreams of those Italian guys and the bikers, are totally lost in the fine print.

Nice cover-up, Madame Charbonneau!

And nice job stretching a redundant "inquiry" out to four long years and $45 millions!

I say we need another inquiry to get to the bottom of the Charbonneau inquiry...

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