Friday, November 13, 2015

Hate and Terror

Mainstream news platforms across the Western world were still crowing about the death of "Jihadi John" by US drone strike when reports began to filter in about the Paris terror attacks.

And while the blood on the sidewalks of Paris was still congealing, President Hollande was vowing "ruthless retaliation" for these "barbaric" attacks.

So what good can possibly come from Hollande's ruthless retaliation? Does he not recognize that what happened in Paris today was also retaliation? Does he not recognize that the "barbaric" assault on Paris today was nothing more than a response to the barbaric assaults that the Nations of Virtue have inflicted on the Islamic world non-stop for decades?

Is he entirely ignorant of the barbaric conduct of France in its war on Algeria?

Western leaders seem to suffer from a plague of memory loss and simple-mindedness.

We have for generations been bullying and humiliating the Arab people. We have destroyed entire societies, cultures, and nation states. Millions in those states have died resisting our efforts to teach them the niceties of "freedom and democracy."

So another bit of the inevitable blowback bites hard in the heart of one of the Nations of Virtue, and yet again we are treated to the totally predictable over-reaction.

"Ruthless retaliation" will accomplish what?

Tevye had it right all those years ago; if you persist in going down the eye-for-an-eye road, pretty soon it's just gonna be a bunch of hate-filled blind fucks firing missiles at each other.

There must be a better way.

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