Thursday, November 26, 2015

If you have seen these men, please call the RCMP... NOW!

RCMP are seeking help identifying these two men, who were observed near the Rogers Centre 'exhibiting suspicious behaviour.'

Yup, coupla brownish dudes were spotted by a vigilant citizen in the vicinity of Roger's Centre last summer. Said citizen, operating on the "see something, say something" plan, duly reported that they had seen something.

The Mounties have had a crack anti-terror squad on the case ever since.

Alas, they've not made any headway, which is why they're appealing to the public months after the fact.

I've had occasion to visit that part of town from time to time, and frankly, if you're gonna call the terror hot-line every time you see a couple of brownish dudes... well, that's gotta be one busy hot-line.

For my money, I'm thinking that's a couple of Jays making their way to the game they played that afternoon. Looks like Stroman and Encarnation if you ask me. Hard to tell when they're outta uniform.

Probably subbed down from their Bridle Path mansions and are just walking in from Union Station.

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