Saturday, November 28, 2015

Most important news of the week

I see where Vanity Fair has devoted a few column inches to the question of who Selena Gomez might be dating next.

This is big stuff. After all, she's been known to two-time none other than the great Biebs, and pop-tart news is a more than filling fill-in for real news in Vanity Fair these days.

While idle minds speculate over who Selena might be dating next, there are actually really important things going on in the real world...

Like "Putin's aggression" for example.

Not content with annexing Crimea, he seems intent on annexing Syria next.

Maybe he has his annexation eye on Turkey as well.

You never know with Putin.

Just like you never know with Selena Gomez.

When we allow international relations to become a side-bar to relationships among "teen idols," we get what we deserve.

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